Colyer Lake Engagement Session in State College, Pennsylvania | Kaitlyn + Peyton -

Colyer Lake Engagement Session in State College, Pennsylvania | Kaitlyn + Peyton

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Couple sitting on lake pier in State College, PA during engagement session by the Jepsons

Colyer Lake, Pennsylvania. A pristine place for an engagement session.

What a GORGEOUS spot, and to think it was almost lost several years ago due to expensive dam repairs (if history interests you, you can read more about the history of Colyer Lake here). Thankfully, the PA Fish and Boat commission, along with a group of locals, saved the lake and we all get to enjoy its beauty again. Colyer is a favorite local attraction because it’s home to lots of wildlife, great hiking trails, and it is incredibly peaceful. Not to mention the water, right?! For Kaitlyn and Peyton’s engagement session, we found out that Peyton is a fly fisherman, and obviously, we had to incorporate that into their engagement session at Colyer Lake in central Pennsylvania!

Couple kissing on lake shore in State College, PA

The fish must have been shy, because no one bit, but I think Kaitlyn was a pretty good catch for Peyton, no?

Couple laughing in canoe at Colyer Lake, PA

I’ll let you guess whose idea it was to put on waders and get into the creek. (Yep, theirs!) We are ALWAYS into adventurous, special ideas. Always, always, always. This can be ANYTHING that is significant to you and your relationship: Picnics, fishing, sports, college campuses, diners, the beach, the city, rock climbing (seriously, I sooooo want to do an engagement session like this–Pennsylvania has some great spots my rock climbing friends!).

Couple fishing off pier during Colyer Lake, PA engagement session

Kaitlyn and Peyton, we had so much fun with you two! Thanks for letting us see who you are, and trusting us to guide you. Peyton–anytime you want to fish in Centre County, PA, you know where to find Adam. 😉

Couple holding hands by Colyer Lake in Pennsylvania

Next up–the WEDDING DAY!!!!

Couple kissing in woods by Colyer Lake in Central Pennsylvania
Couple sitting on Colyer Lake, PA bench for engagement session
Couple wearing waders and fishing in Sinking Creek during Colyer Lake, PA engagement session

This may have been my favorite part. Watching you two in your element was a favorite for sure! Still bummed we didn’t actually catch anything though. HA.

Couple hugging for engagement session on shores of Colyer Lake in central Pennsylvania

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