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State College, Pennsylvania Engagement | Kate + Greg

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Engaged couple holding hands and walking on trail in State College, PA

A State College, Pennsylvania engagement on a perfect spring evening.

After a chilly spring, it was a GLORIOUS evening for a State College, Pennsylvania engagement session. The golden sun came out to warm us at just the right times. Freshly cut grass and springtime blooms scented the air. As we walked along the path through their neighborhood, we got to listen to the birds chirping…and a surprising number of rabbits sneaked a glace at us before darting back into the thick brush.

Couple cuddling in State College, PA during engagement session
Groom kissing fiancé's forehead while embracing under trellis in State College, PA

Kate and Greg are both counselors and both practice mindfulness on a regular basis, Greg in particular, so it was an added bonus that we got to experience the best of the nature behind their home on Teaberry Lane.

Groom kisses bride's forehead during engagement session in State College, PA.
Couple embracing in State College, PA by the Jepsons.
Couple laughing and hugging amid daffodils in State College, PA

Love feels like home.

Home is obviously a big deal to them. Home is how their relationship started, and home is where it became a forever deal.

Engaged couple smiling at State College, PA park by the Jepsons.
Bride shows off engagement ring during State College, Pennsylvania engagement session.

Both were community assistants (similar to RA’s) in their dorm rooms in college when they met. After becoming friends, they began dating, and then one day Greg enlisted the help of one of his closest friends, Steve, and his wife, Kaila (one of Kate’s closest friends). Greg and Steve decorated their apartment and filled it full of flowers while Kaila took Kate out for Starbucks and Target. When she returned and walked in the door, Greg was down on one knee. Love surely does feel like home!

Engaged couple cuddling during engagement photo shoot in State College, PA
Groom laughs as he holds fiancée piggyback in State College, PA park.

A love for culture and for food.

As we walked and chatted the evening of their session, we talked about food. (Surprised?) Greg is a big fan of cooking. I mean, OBVIOUSLY we can relate. Someday he wants to get into smoking meat…and well…let the grilling conversations begin, because if you know Adam, you KNOW he spends as much time as he can with his beloved Weber Summit, or his OTHER favorite grill, the PK. (Don’t ask me how many grills we’ve had.) And apparently Kate makes delicious pho (drool, please teach us Kate!). These two were even all geared up to go to Adam’s favorite State College restaurant after the session: Cozy Thai. I’m surprised Adam didn’t invite himself along. Lol.

Square cut diamond engagement ring with budding apple blossoms.
Engaged couple smiling at each other under a tree in State College, PA
Engaged couple kissing under trellis in State College, PA

Kate and Greg, you two are something really wonderful. Your love of other cultures (and their food!) fits perfectly with who you are, how you interact with people, and your personal practices of mindfulness. We thoroughly enjoyed our time with you and we are SO excited for what will be your gorgeous December wedding at General Potter Farm! Also, any time you want to try some Korean BBQ or teach us how to make pho…you know we’ll be there. 😉

Engaged couple holding hands while bride wears jacket displaying "til death do us part" by the Jepsons

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