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The lifestyle podcast that is helping women learn how to speak truth, redefine success, and seek true contentment. You'll hear stories and techniques from real women experiencing real life situations--and how you can experience contentment for yourself.

There's nothing more isolating than a struggle you've internalized, a voice you've silenced, or an emotion left uncultivated. So often, we only reveal our true selves in the safety of our own home. But that only brings loneliness. The journey to contentment is hard. It's raw and real and exposed. But when we start talking--when we start speaking truth into the lies--that truth breeds true contentment. And contentment brings joy, relief, and LIFE. Why? Because vulnerability will always be more powerful than self-reliance. When we give up the notion that a mess should be hidden, concealed behind the walls of our home--and instead we start relating to each other out in the open--we find that the messy stuff of life is what matters. It's time to learn to be content, and then go live like it.



Hi, I'm Meagan. Pennsylvania wedding photographer, private photo editor, educator, and backyard beekeeper. Two years ago, I got frustrated with the feeling that I couldn't breathe. I would get so caught up in all the messy stuff filling up my mind and my heart--stuff I couldn't control, so I would simply stop breathing.



Literally. And dang, I just wanted to learn to breathe again. So I chose the word "contentment" as my word for that year. You know what happened? I learned. I learned how true contentment can change a life.

I learned how to live like the person I am at home, because vulnerability will always be more powerful than self-reliance,

and vulnerability is a big step toward contentment. This conversation matters because you and I are real humans who experience real life and we just want to breathe again. So #letsbereal together.

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"Hi! I’m a Penn Stater in the campus ministry that Janet spoke at this spring and stumbled into your podcast. I am so thankful I did! Your honest conversations about womanhood and following the Lord are so refreshing and life giving. Thanks so much!!"

"Meagan is so great to work with and makes my job and life so much easier! From our first skype call and all the thorough questions she asked about me, my work and my style made me feel confident we would work great together. She gets my style and takes in all of the constructive criticism and feed back I give her which is amazing."

"Ever since my first Facetime with Meagan, I just KNEW we would be a good fit! I won't sugar-coat it...I was SO OVERWHELMED with editing work that just kept piling up, I KNEW it was time for a change!  It's my first time EVER outsourcing ANYTHING in my business, so Meagan made that transition go SO SMOOTHLY!!! When I got back the first wedding I sent her, I opened it up and CRIED!! YES! CRIED!!! It was SO PERFECT!! THANK YOU Meagan and Adam for bringing JOY BACK into my business!!"

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