Unlike other photographers, we help you focus on living in these beautiful memories. 

This means you won't find us interrupting special moments or staging your day to get the "perfect" photo. Instead, with natural movement and lots of conversation and laughter, we create a calm, fun atmosphere so that you can relax and actually ENJOY your wedding day.


Between Adam's quick wit and Meagan's joyful spirit,
we'll feel like more than your photography team.
We'll feel like friends.

And with us by your side, you'll leave your wedding saying,


A Lasting Connection

While we've photographed over 100 weddings and know what pivotal and emotional moments to anticipate, our goal is to capture what matters most to you.

As we prepare for your day, we'll discover your priorities and who is most important to you. You'll find that we are genuinely interested in connecting with you for more than just one day.  

You see, we care about your marriage and relationships beyond your wedding day. And we consider your wedding day an amazing opportunity for you to create memories with the people you love. Memories that will make lasting impressions on your relationships. And because we're there to capture them, memories that you'll remember long after today is over. 

"From the start, you will notice they truly care about getting to know you and show a great desire for your wedding photos to turn out exactly how you envisioned them!"


A Calming Joy

Wedding days are known for being a little crazy. But it doesn't faze us. In fact, we thrive in chaos. We have three kids under the age of 7 {talk about mayhem}. We don't get caught up in the busyness or madness of the day. And we're certainly never bossy or rude. Instead, we focus on helping you stay focused on what matters. 

Whether we're capturing a private moment between the two of you or managing your friends and family during family portraits, we aim to make everyone feel good. And we maintain a joyful, calm, and positive attitude no matter what.

"During our wedding they made us feel relaxed which made us slow down and enjoy the day."


A Natural Approach

You're worried about feeling awkward in front of the cameras. We totally get that! But, with us, you'll quickly find yourself feeling comfortable and natural. You'll be so busy having fun and enjoying yourselves that you won't have time to think about where to look, how to smile, or where to put your hands. 

Our approach is pretty simple: We use natural light and encourage natural movement. We don't need extra time to set up big lights or stage the perfect backdrop. And we don't feel the need to be pushy or overly assertive to help you look your best. Instead, with two different perspectives and a photojournalistic approach, we'll capture the real you and your day as it happens.

"I'm not a big photo person myself, so I couldn't believe how fun they made everything. From the photoshoots themselves to all the chatting in between, it was just a great experience."





Having the same group of friends allowed us to get to know one another and spend time together. Then one day, I had a realization: "Dang, Meagan is really pretty. She's smart, funny, and has her head on straight. And...she's really pretty." The rest, as they say, is history. ​​​​​​​

Meagan is a nurturer to the core. Her heart is full when she cares for things. 

When she's not laughing at my jokes, she's probably laughing at our kids who are an endless source of amusement. 

She loves her children passionately. And she takes great pride in everything she does.

And she's really pretty.

The Jepsons



Adam is my hero.
Not only is he a kind, patient husband and father, but he also has mad cooking skills. And he enjoys sharing his food with others almost as much as he enjoys eating it!  
I think the man could make me laugh at just about anything he says. And I know he's trying to think of something witty when his blue eyes start twinkling and his dimple begins to show.

Adam gets giddy when UPS drops off a package containing yet another board game that I will inevitably learn to love. And when he gets a chance to go to a PSU football game with his dad I can never say no.

Adam talks about teaching our kids to stargaze and dreams of someday having an annual family Star Wars marathon.

He loves well, laughs often, and he has my whole heart.


"They were so invested in us. I loved that they are so grounded in their marriage and relationship together- their energy is contagious!"



God is our CEO. 
The captain of this ship. 
And the glue that holds us together.

Values We Hold Dear


Is a beautiful gift. 
{A gift that requires: work, 
forgiveness, perseverance, strength, 
and A LOT of laughter.}


Is everything! 
Photographs will always remind us of a feeling,  and we want those feelings to be good ones.  For our family, and for yours.


We believe that your images will shape your legacy  and allow you to share your memories with future generations.