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3 reasons to print your engagement photos in a guest signature book

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More and more, couples are choosing to get a book of their engagement photos printed in a guest signature book. Less and less we see cutesy Pinterest ideas for keeping guest’s signatures at weddings.


Why? Here are three good reasons:

1. Using your engagement photos in a guest signature book preserves your guests’ love notes in a format that you will ACTUALLY look at.


Oh Pinterest, how you convince us that the cutesy things you show us will actually pan out.

Guys, I KNOW you think you’ll want to hang up that cute little art project of guest’s signatures in your future home. I know. And you will. 

For maybe 5 years.

And then you’ll take it down.

Because it’s been 5 years since the wedding and your life will be different. Time for new wall art. Maybe a gallery wall of pictures with your children. Maybe an art project you did together as a family.

Trust me. I know firsthand how this goes.

Wanna know what’s going to happen to that cute, Pinterest-worthy wall art you had your guests sign?

A box in the attic.

NOT on your bookshelf or coffee table for your kids to pick up and look through. NOT where it can actually be enjoyed. 

The decor in your home will always be changing, but having a guest signature book will most certainly live where it can be enjoyed. Over and over and over again, for generations. 

“Mommy, can you read what great grandma wrote again?” 

You’ll sit down next to them, tears brimming when you see your grandma’s handwriting, and smile as you read, “My sweet girl, I’m so proud of you. I am so happy to be able to call your husband my new grandson. May you be forever blessed in your marriage together. Love, Grandma.”

2. Preserves the time in your life before you were married.


How do I know this? 

Adam and I have three kids, and hearing stories of my childhood, our wedding, our lives before them is FASCINATING for their little imaginations. 

Think of this book as the ONLY one you’ll ever have of the two of you just being YOU.

Do you have professional pictures of the two of you?

Other than iPhone pictures, I bet you don’t.

Hear me: There is NO OTHER TIME that most couples take professional pictures together in their regular clothing just being themselves. At least without children.

How many people do you know who booked a professional photographer for just the two of them outside of an engagement session? 

Probably none.

This is an incredibly special time in your lives you guys! Don’t miss out on having pictures of the two of you just being YOU! In your regular clothing, doing your thing, just being together. In a book that you’ll actually look at.

Why? Because it’s just YOU.

Before you got married–before you had kids–before the life you will create together. You will never go back to this time again, and I promise it will be so good to have a glimpse of it.

3. You’ll remember the wedding day interactions you had with each person as you look through the book.


Not only will there be more ROOM in a guest signature book for love notes from your guests than on even a large piece of wall art, every time you look through the book, you’ll remember the moments you shared with them on your wedding day.

You know, that day that went by like a BLUR? The culmination of all the time you two spent planning during the engagement?

Yes, your photos and videos from the wedding day will help you stop time and relive your memories, but will you remember what was actually SAID? The conversations you had with each of your guests?

Their own words will help spark those memories, and you’ll have yet one more way to relive the details of your wedding day through your guest signature book.

“Hey guys, just want to reiterate how awesome your day has been. So beautiful that the sun came out right as you were pronounced husband and wife! Wow! – Aunt Mae”

“I know I said it earlier, but I just can’t get over how amazing that string quartet sounded as you walked down the aisle. So incredibly excited for you guys! Congratulations! – Charlie”

See what your memories COULD be like? 

If you’d like to hear more about making a guest signature book, reach out to Meagan!

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