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Tussey Mountain Engagement | Tessa + Tyler

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Bride and groom on pond dock at Tussey Mountain


Matchmaking since…well…since college was a thing.

Groom picks up bride at Tussey Mountain engagement session

Tessa and Tyler both attended Lebanon Valley College, and when they met at a party their junior year it was the beginning of everything.

Bride hugs groom during Tussey Mountain engagement session

Soon after making their relationship “official”, they attended the Fire and Ice Festival in Lititz, PA–a free festival with live music, a carnival, and pristine ice sculptures covering the streets. If that weren’t enough, the day became pretty memorable when it ended in a blizzard, causing roads to be nearly impassable and their car to barely make it back home.

Bride and groom kiss on dock at Tussey Mountain Ski Resort

But just five years later, almost to the day, they ended up back in that same place. Not in a blizzard, thankfully, but in Lititz to meet some friends. As they walked around the park before their scheduled plans, reminiscing about that day 5 years ago, Tyler pulled out a ring and proposed. In Tessa’s words, “It was perfect timing in the perfect place.”

Bride and groom touch noses on dock at Tussey Mountain in State College PA

Their friends say that as a couple, they can’t be serious or take normal pictures together. That they’re too giggly and silly. I say, PERFECT. Nothing makes me happier than a couple who has FUN together!

Bride and groom laugh together at pond at Tussey Mountain Ski Resort

Tessa and Tyler, we can’t WAIT for June! The wedding is going to be just as amazing as the two of you are. Please let there be a ton of laughs and silliness. Mmk?


Meagan and Adam 🙂

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