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Fern Hill Weddings | State College, PA Wedding Photographers | Kevin + Mandy

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I think we all could have overflowed the banks of the pond at Fern Hill with the happy tears that flowed freely on Mandy and Kevin’s wedding day.

Mandy’s mom’s eyes welled up when she took in the sight of her little girl ready to meet her groom, dressed in her lace wedding gown and Badgley Mischka shoes. When Kevin turned to see Mandy for the first time that day, he smiled through the tears that rolled down his cheeks. She lovingly wiped them away while trying to hold back her own.

Nearly everyone wept when Mandy’s dad abandoned his motorized chair to grasp his cane in one hand and his daughter’s arm in the other while escorting her down the aisle. As soon as I saw the look he gave her when he turned to embrace her, I was gone with the rest of their guests, and promptly hid my face behind the camera to remain like that for the rest of the ceremony.

Maggie, the couple’s yellow lab pup, was present in all the mentions of her rambunctious, sweet nature—drawing out plenty of laughs from all those in the crowd who know her. Mandy’s brother even read a poem—one describing love as a puppy. If that doesn’t describe their life right now, I don’t know what would. And when it came time for them to read their vows…the two of them so different but so perfectly matched…Kevin and Mandy’s own tears were the happiest of all. YOU try to keep it together when even their long-time family friend and officiant couldn’t quite get through his words without showing emotion. Oh. So. Beautiful.

And, hey, just so you don’t think the whole day was tearful, you should know this: as Erin, Mandy’s best friend and college roommate said in her speech, “Mandy can throw one heck of a party.” (Collegian friends, if that’s a misquote, don’t fire me.) Oh man, it WAS a heck of a party! Adam and I left that night (me still grooving to “Wannabe”) after a killer glow stick sendoff.

Kevin and Mandy, you two are just WONDERFUL people. I don’t say that off-handedly. I’m pretty sure every one of your vendors mentioned to us how wonderful they all think you are too. Every personalized detail of your day spoke volumes about who you are. I mean, I don’t think I have ever attended a more personalized ceremony. The Velveteen Rabbit, the multiple mentions of your sweet Maggie, John performing the ceremony, and the emotion that the two of you displayed was absolutely perfect. A few times people mentioned how different the two of you are in your habits, your likes and dislikes. But everyone present knew what was the same: your adoration and love for each other. Our encouragement to you is to hang on to that adoration, even when the love gets hard. Our hope and prayer for you is that you will remember what brought you to this day in the first place. All our best!


Meagan and Adam 🙂

And thanks to all the wonderful people who made this day special!

Photography: The Jepsons

Venue: Fern Hill Weddings

Hair/Makeup: Salon Beautiful

Entertainment: Nittany Entertainment

Florals: Daniel Vaughn Designs

Catering: Hoag’s Catering

Cake: Oakmont Bakery

  1. Karen Sellman says:

    O. M. G. I’m crying. I just relived this whole beautiful event though a text on my phone. I almost am at a loss for words….. but what I can say is this: this was probably the most amazing wedding I’ve ever attended, for all the reasons in the write up above AND MORE. You captured these moments perfectly…. God bless Mandy and Kevin and every single person who participated in their joy.
    Karen Sellman

    • The Jepsons says:

      Karen, such sweet words! Thank you. Adam and I couldn’t agree more with how special these two are, and how amazing their wedding day was. Loved every minute! xoxo, Meagan 🙂

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