Toftrees Resort Wedding | State College, PA Wedding Photographers | Troy + Laura -

Toftrees Resort Wedding | State College, PA Wedding Photographers | Troy + Laura


There are some couples who you just KNOW are going to be great.

Troy and Laura are one of those couples.

“This has been a decade in the making.” “Finally.” “It’s about time.” “We all saw it coming.” “She insisted he was ‘just a friend.’”

All of these were comments from friends and family on Saturday, the day they made it officially official. They are now lifelong best friends AND they are MARRIED, people! If you couldn’t tell from the relaxed nature of their parents, the comfort Troy and Laura displayed together, or even the sweet, easily-missed compromise they allow each other, it was certainly apparent to me. They know each other well, and they love generously.

Remember how much I love displays of emotion on a wedding day? As in, authenticity is incredibly important to the story of an event like this? Well, for those who try not to cry: just give in. You deserve it. Troy and Laura have had so many adventures together, have weathered enough storms, and have covered enough distance in their relationship over the past ten years that the culmination of those days is undoubtedly going to be emotional. And to start off the day in that frame of mind, Troy and Laura read emotionally charged, heartfelt letters in their rooms at Toftrees separately right before they set off to their favorite place in the world: the Penn State campus. The place they met while still in high school, testing for their academic placement the spring before freshman year. The place they cultivated a close friendship, and where all their friends saw a relationship coming even before they did. The place they both served on student council. And of course, the place they spent fall Saturdays in Beaver Stadium. For Troy, he spent WEEKS at the stadium camping out before games in Paternoville (now Nittanyville). It’s the place where they began, and a place they will always feel at home.

Troy and Laura, we hope you felt at home on your wedding day. It certainly seemed so. The level of familiarity you share with each other is #unrivaled, and at least by our observation, it is apparent to Adam and I that you already display many qualities of a solid marriage. Whether that means giving up a good thing so she can have something better (cinnamon buns included), or snagging last-minute photos at Gate A because it means the world to him, you know each other and love each other well. Our prayer for you is that this kind of love endures. You know from running marathons that endurance is key. It’s the not-giving-up part that gets you to the finish line, and the most successful people in the world (whatever success means to you) will tell you that the difference for them was this kind of perseverance. Be willing to learn from your failures (they will happen). Be willing to love even when you want to hate, because love isn’t merely a feeling. Choose to endure. Don’t ever give up. Have hope. Forgive. Compromise. Over and over and over again. Endure—and you’ll get across that finish line.

Big hugs and congrats to you!


Meagan and Adam 🙂

P.S. Something we never expect from our couples is return. I mean, they’ve already showed their appreciation for us by giving us certificates with president’s faces on them, right? We always seek to bless and serve our couples to the best of our ability. Yet, when our couples go above and beyond to show how much they appreciate us, it means the world. Handwritten notes and extra touches are the best blessings—to know we’ve helped them capture their best memories from such a pivotal life event and made an impact on their lives is one of the biggest reasons we do what we do. But Troy and Laura, your gift was the sweetest of them all. To bless us with a memento you purchased the night you got engaged brought tears to my eyes. Thank you for blessing us, and thanks for being our people.

As as always, thanks to all the great people who helped give this couple a beautiful day!

Event Coordination: H&K Weddings and Events

Photography: The Jepsons

Venue: Toftrees Resort and Conference Center

Entertainment: Nittany Entertainment

Florals: Woodrings Floral

Videography: New Pace Wedding Films

Hair/Makeup: Evolve Studio

Rentals: Pegasus

Cake: Delectable Delights by Heather Luse

Dress: Ti Adora by Allison Webb

Jewelry: Kate Spade

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