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I think that’s the word that describes Dan and Marie’s wedding day the most. This MIGHT be because Adam and I knew so many wonderful and unique personalities at this Fern Hill wedding on Saturday (seriously some amazing, authentic people…the couple included). Or it could be because Dan designed the stationary, Marie designed the girls’ dresses, and both of them are 100% unafraid to be themselves. The whole day was tailored to THEM and the people they love most in the world.

One of my favorite moments of every wedding day is all the ‘first looks’. On this day, Dan’s expression of awe proved that Marie indeed resembled an ethereal woodland fairy, or maybe an elven princess. Either way, her laughter, sparkling eyes, and genuine love made her more stunning than her wedding dress ever could (and DANG girl). The other first look was the one between Marie and her dad.

See, Marie and her older sister, Rachael, were adopted by their parents after what was—to say the least, a whirlwind childhood. Their story is an amazing, God-sized story, and one Marie tells in her own memoirs better than I ever could. So when her mom zipped up her dress, and when Marie hugged her dad during that oh-so-special moment, I couldn’t keep it together. This family. Their struggles. Their hearts. Their authenticity.

It’s inspiring.

There’s no doubt that Dan and Marie were made for each other and that they crave adventure. Both of their fathers gave a heartfelt (read: emotional for everyone present) blessing during the ceremony. The couple giggled with joy all day, and Dan quite literally swept his bride off her feet on multiple occasions. During portrait time, Marie kicked off her shoes to go barefoot, and her dress—oh her DRESS—had the time of its life adventuring through the woods with us. I swear, no wedding dress I’ve ever seen had as much fun doing its job on the day of the wedding.

I could go on. The amount of personality present on Saturday was off-the-charts fun. The dance floor was never empty, the laughter was constant and REAL, and there was no doubt this couple loves well and is well-loved.

Dan and Marie, Adam and I are just THRILLED for you—and proud of you. Dan, we’ve watched you mature throughout your college years, and Marie, we remember your younger years—even before you became a Weibel. You’ve come through so much and this day was a testament to God’s amazing work in both of your lives. There is zero doubt he paved the way long before you even knew each other, to introduce you to the people that helped weave your stories together and bring you to this place, on this day, to continue your journey as ONE in Christ.

“And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose.” – Romans 8:28

Couldn’t help but think of this verse on your wedding day. And because of this, the word that comes to mind when we think of our prayer for you is PURPOSE. Because you were certainly called according to God’s purpose—that is clear. And the two of you will continue to be called in it together. We are truly looking forward to hearing about all of your adventures from this day forward, and how each one relates to the purpose God has set before you.

Big love to you both.


Meagan and Adam 🙂

Thanks to the amazing people who helped make this day so special!

Venue: Fern Hill Weddings

Entertainment: Brody Rose

Hair/Makeup: Looks Hair Design and Janet Mylin

Florals: Rachael Poss

Musicians: Alaina Gotwalt and Brendan Zerbe

  1. Sherry Evans says:

    Amazing pictures, just beautiful! The words, the love, the enjoyment & the beauty of it all was captured!
    They have it all in pictures. ❤️❤️🎊😍.

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