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001: 10 Things You Should Know About Me

The Contentment Series

Welcome to the VERY FIRST episode of The Contentment Series Podcast!

Eeee! I’m so excited, and also pretty nervous. I admittedly had a moment this week while listening to the audio that made me allllmost toss the whole thing out and quit the entire series right then and there. My main thought? ‘Why would anyone even listen to this?!’ Am I going to be talking to myself and that’s it?

Here’s what I decided. I’m doing this series because I want to, and because it’s something I think God is asking me to step out and do. I’m sharing my life with you and vice versa. If nobody listens, if just three people listen, or if thousands of people listen, the point is the same. We are in this life together and it’s a beautiful mess.

SO, here’s what you’ll hear when you tune in!

I figure you should know who you’re listening to. Therefore, I give you a glimpse into what makes me, me. I share a few of my favorite things, and also some of the things I’m working on.

1. I’m totally smitten with my husband and business partner.

2. You can call me Laura Ingalls.

3. I LOVE making memories.

4. My family is the reason I get up every day. Seriously, my toddler makes sure of it.

5. I have a need for control.

6. I struggle with anxiety.

7. I am a slave to productivity.

8. I often live for the expectations of others.

9. I struggle with anger (ouch).

10. I believe in Jesus.

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