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Troy + Laura | Penn State Engagement | State College, PA Wedding Photographers

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They couldn’t kiss without giggling. I’d like to think it was because I was being hilarious, but as we continued their engagement session, I began to realize that is EXACTLY who they are together. They even thumb-wrestled at one point, and I was the one who started giggling. This couple is amazing, but I’m really not that funny. Ah well. Adam and I could tell these two have a long, happy history together.

Troy and Laura met bright and early in their Penn State careers. The first thing new Penn Staters do is the one-day freshman orientation in the spring before they officially make it to campus. It’s called FTCAP (or First-Year Testing, Consulting, and Advising Program…phew). It’s changed a bit since then (meaning, it got a shorter name–New Student Orientation, and a longer training time–2 days), but I remember FTCAP (“fitcap”) as an alumna myself. It’s a bit like the preschool playground, and just about everyone is a little bit timid while looking for new friends they might be able to connect with later that fall…

Maybe not Laura though. “I noticed a cute boy sitting alone at lunch, so I went over to say hi.” Talk about gumption! They became fast friends and attended Penn State via the esteemed Schreyer Honors College together for all four of their college years. But “friends” is really all they became…until 9 solid years later, and people saw it coming. When the “official” status came, they got a lot of “ABOUT TIME!” comments from mutual friends. Now, after surviving long-distance for a time after graduation, they live in Atlanta–but are coming back to their alma mater (and Laura’s hometown) for their I dos. After all, they bleed blue and white!

Laura and Troy, Adam and I had the best time with you two. You are both such great people (I’m sure you will have SO MANY friends at your wedding!), and perfectly genuine when you are together. We are super excited (did I mention that yet?! Lol) for your wedding day and all it will bring. Let’s have more laughs.


Meagan and Adam 🙂

  1. Deb Felty says:

    Beautiful pictures of a beautiful couple. I’m so exciting for them. They have a bright future ahead of them. Wishing them love that grows each and every day. Ps. Love the ring with th flowers shots, especially the pansy one.

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