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Dan + Marie | At-Home Engagement Session | State College, PA Wedding Photographers

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There was flour EVERYWHERE. Even on little Zuzu the Bernese’s wet puppy nose.

By the time Dan and Marie were finished with their engagement session, flour clung to the beam in the ceiling and we were slipping in it. But oh man, the results were good, and I’m not just talking about the pizza.

This untraditional engagement session is perfect because, well, it’s all about who these two crazy love birds are. They’re adventurous, fun, and creative.

See, they met just over a year ago on Memorial Day weekend in Washington D.C., when Marie’s friend, Megan, hosted her the night before a girls’ trip to the beach. That night they decided to go to a small concert for a Swedish band with Megan and her date. Marie simply thought she was to be a third wheel and had no problem with that, so upon arrival she was wearing her travel clothes. But Megan had other plans. She made Marie change her clothes, saying one of Megan’s friends from college was going to be at the concert too. Dan walked in and had her at ‘hello.’

Blind date success.

The two spent the rest of the weekend smiling at their phones, Marie at the beach, and Dan visiting his parents in PA. They finalized plans for their first date (an escape room), made their couple status official, and then…

In December 2017, Marie went overseas. As in, on mission to Cambodia and Malaysia with Youth With a Mission.

And Dan waited patiently, planning his next move.

Just a few short days after her arrival back home, Dan whisked her away on a James Bond-themed date. Swanky. He ended the date with an escape room…the very one they’d been to on their first date. Instead of saving the world, the clues were all about Marie’s life. There was even a picture of her childhood dog. But Marie missed all of the hints…not until the ring descended into the room–in place of a test tube–did she realize what was happening.


Dan asked, and she said YES.

Now, they’re planning a wedding fit for the Shire (our LOTR hearts are SO proud!), and it is going to be AMAZING.

Dan and Marie, you guys are extra cool. Maybe it’s because you’re a little nerdy like us, or maybe it’s because you’re just YOU. Thanks for choosing us to tag along for the adventure! Can’t WAIT for the big day!


Meagan and Adam 🙂

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