The Contentment Series | PODCAST -

The Contentment Series | PODCAST

The Contentment Series

I can’t stop grinning.


Because this series is leveling up. I’m taking it up a notch and starting The Contentment Series Podcast!!! Eeeee!

Truly, this podcast has been in the works for a long time, almost since the start of the series itself. But it is happening and it is coming at you NEXT MONTH! April 2018! It will be a bi-weekly workshop-style show where I give you ideas for how to handle worry and stress, learn to truly be present in the moment, and I’ll also drop a lot of truth bombs (because truth really does set you free). But the part I am most excited about is NOT hearing my own voice (who enjoys that really?). The episodes I am most excited for are the ones where I interview some really amazing women about the subject of contentment. Those interviews are being set up RIGHT NOW for the whole year, so if you have someone to nominate let me know over in the Contentment Series Insiders group on Facebook! I will gladly take any suggestions, and you might just hear a familiar voice on the podcast!

It’s going to be amazing, and I hope you’ll join me. Stay tuned my friend, because now that I’ve announced it, there’s no going back! It’s happening.

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