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The Contentment Series | The Perfect Mom

The Contentment Series

Were you a Full House fan? Growing up, I caught an episode here and there, but I don’t remember watching it religiously. Now, thanks to Netflix (how I love you Netflix!), I do get to watch as much Fuller House as I can binge in two hours after the kids go to bed. What a fun show! Totally corny like the old episodes, and it just puts a big smile on my face. Something stuck out to me in one episode, and I laughed and cringed at the same time. Because it is SO. TRUE. Moms, let’s all take a chill pill and realize that we aren’t perfect, we never will be, and we need grace too–from others, yes, but mostly from OURSELVES. I sat on my couch, to-do list for the next day half written beside me (distracti-tasking) and thought, “Can’t we all just be real with each other? Can’t we all just relax our grip on control? Worry? Fear? Shame? What would our relationships be like if we weren’t so concerned with “getting it right” all the time and were present in the moment?”

Treat yo’self to this little clip and then go watch the Full[er] episode on Netflix too. (See what I did there?!) Oh yea, and grab a glass of water, just to make sure you’re drinking enough of it. 😉

Then go to the Contentment Series Insiders page and tell me if you can relate!


Meagan 🙂

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