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Spring Creek Park Engagement Session | State College, PA Wedding Photographers | Seth + Staci

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It’s only natural to be excited.

Especially when the anticipation of having a sparkly diamond placed on your finger will lead to forever with the man you love. And you’ll have a beautiful wedding, and maybe a dog, and a house, and babies, and you’ll wake up next to him, and go to sleep with him, and…

See? Natural.

So when Staci and Seth picked out her ring together, it was only natural for the anticipation to make her incredibly excited, and maybe a little suspicious…all day every day. Whenever she felt those feelings of anticipation start to take over, her now often-asked question flew out, “When’s it gonna be?!” Of course she meant it jokingly (sort of…ladies, you know), but finally Seth gave in. On the day he meant to propose, she already knew what was happening, so he cut right to the chase and put that ring on her finger FAST. Cue the festivities and the anticipation giving way to ALL the emotions!

It’s like that when you get engaged. Emotional is an understatement. Many of us ladies don’t quite know what to do with ourselves when the moment finally arrives (because let’s face it, whether or not we’ve dreamed of our wedding day for our whole lives, we HAVE spent a lot of time thinking of what it’s like to have the honor of that sweet, sweet question). Surreal is a better word.

So enjoy this time you two. October will be here before you know it and your big day will just bring more emotion, in all the good ways. Can’t wait!


Meagan and Adam 🙂

  1. Valeri says:

    Great photo shoot! I wish this couple a beautiful relationship for many years to come!!

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