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Underhill Farm Wedding | Hollidaysburg, PA Wedding Photographers | Joshua + Kathryn


This family. Wow.

The Bartons and the Greenbergs are some of the most wonderful people I have ever met. Every time I’ve gotten together with the Bartons for a family session, I feel like I am part of the family. It’s no wonder Josh and Katie are so perfect together and their wedding day was extra special (earrings down the drain and irritated bees and all!). 😉

Let’s talk for a second about HOW perfect. Besides the fact that both of them are wicked smart, they have SO MUCH FUN together. I think Katie laughs at just about anything that comes out of Josh’s mouth. And what man doesn’t appreciate a woman who laughs at all his jokes? Josh apparently has the uncanny ability to calm his bride in whatever the situation judging by some stories told by Katie’s dad at their reception. And Katie expresses her deep love for Josh in her care for him. And by “care,” I don’t mean that word lightly here. She is devoted in her care. The kind of care everyone wants to experience. Listening to stories and kind words from others at their reception, it’s obvious this love was meant to last.

Josh and Katie, you guys are simply the best, and from the best. Adam and I were so honored to be such a small part of a very big day! THANK YOU!


Meagan and Adam 🙂

  1. Vicki says:

    My daughter is getting married on august 26 2023. If you are open on that date could you send me some information
    Thank you

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