Color? What color?

Okay, okay. So you do shoot in color. But black and white is your forte. It brings the subject forward and the colors don't distract from the emotion of the moment.

It's likely that you prefer dark blacks and bright whites. Contrast is kind of important when it comes to monochrome images after all. Your style makes any moment a memory and will forever remain timeless. Your eye is drawn to how light falls in a setting and when the shutter clicks, your first thought is, "That's gonna look great in black and white."

What this says about YOU: You appreciate genuineness and honesty. Because of this, your work is highly emotive and expressive--just like you. You likely seek to capture real life as it happens and love even the moments that may not seem exciting at the time, but will be beautiful as a memory. 

(How are we doing so far? If this doesn't sound like you, you can GO HERE to peruse other editing styles. Forgive us?)

At times, because color images aren't your favorite, you might be more apt to flip flop around between different color editing styles. Of course your style may progress in a certain direction over time, but stay consistent, build your style, and your clients will thank you. Keep scrolling for some great resources we hand-picked just for you!


Your style is...

This is Us

Hello friend! We are Adam and Meagan Jepson. PA-based wedding photographers, photo editors, and adventurous homebodies.

Meagan keeps bees, Adam brews beer. We both like tabletop board games (but Adam is kind of obsessed). We are former youth ministers who turned our desire to be at home into a thriving business.

Our goal is to help our tribe feel at home, and today that means helping you  get  all comfy and cozy  in your editing style!

Resources for the  Monochrome Style Photographer


Do you love this style, but don't quite know how to achieve it? We get a LOT of inquiries on how to edit in certain styles, so today we're going to show you just ONE (free!) way to edit in the monochrome style. Keep in mind that each person edits differently, but this will give you a basic idea of how we would edit for our black and white photos!


Mastin Labs can help you achieve beautiful black and white Ilford-inspired photographs. Whether you add grain or remove it, this is a beautiful preset collection, and because we are affiliates for their company, they've graciously offered our quiz-takers 10% off in their shop! Just enter the code Jepson10 at checkout.


Your style may very well fit under a couple of different style characterizations. Because, well, art is like that. Maybe you prefer a mix of black and white and film. The two do go quite nicely together of course (<<< ask our friends at Mastin!). To see all the other styles we describe, click the button below!

Other photographers that characterize their preferred style as Monochrome: Kevin Mullins, Allister Freeman



Photo by Kirk Mastin

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