The Jepsons

Photographers + Editors

The Jepsons are wedding photographers and private photo editors based in State College, Pennsylvania.


Light and Airy

You love bright, soft images with dreamy, muted landscapes and creamy skin tones.

Your colors tend toward pastel, and your green saturation slider is almost always in the negatives. Soft, white light is your forte.


Dark and Moody

The force is strong with you. Emotional force, that is. Emotions play a big role in what you desire to evoke through your work. Romantic, intimate moments are your forte, and dark, warm colors enhance that sweet feeling.


Crisp and Colorful

Timeless. That's what you want your work to be. You're not worried it will EVER go out of style, because it looks exactly the way you saw it through your very own eyes.


Film Style

You're a sucker for the click and wind of a film camera, and you may have watched photos come to life under the safe light in a darkroom...maybe you still do. Makes sense, because you're in love with the process of photography. It makes you feel more connected to your art.



Color? What color?

Okay, okay. So you do shoot in color. But black and white is your forte. It brings the subject forward and the colors don't distract from the emotion of the moment.