The Jepsons

Photographers + Editors

The Jepsons are wedding photographers and private photo editors based in State College, Pennsylvania.

You know you’re in love when you can’t fall asleep because reality is finally better than your dreams.
— Dr. Seuss

Kind Words


"Meagan and Adam were the perfect choice for a photography team for our wedding. To begin with, the timeline Meagan had us fill out was immensely helpful as we set out to organize the day-of events for the wedding. Then on the big day, from the moment we arrived at our venue (I'm pretty sure they beat us there), they were the perfect combination of prepared, organized and easygoing. They made sure to get in all our requested photos, including doing an impressive job corralling our relatives for formal shots. But even more importantly, they were able to improvise when they saw an opportunity for a good shot on the grounds of our outdoor venue, resulting in one of my favorite photos in front of a beautiful old tree. This is critical, because even the best-laid plans cannot substitute for solid photographic instincts."

-Leslie + Alex


"They were truly wonderful to work with — flexible, thoughtful, and accommodating. What impressed us most was their ability to work together for shots; Meagan could focus on getting the detailed, close-up pictures of us in the moment, and Adam could find the perfect vantage point to capture the environment and atmosphere of the day. They are willing, quite literally, to get their feet wet in the creek to get an interesting perspective for what would otherwise be a traditional shot. Meagan and Adam were wonderful to have as part of our wedding day, and we would recommend them to anyone."

-Ryan + Sydney



We are so glad you're here! Couples tend to like us because our own relationship so intricately defines what we do. We like to think we are "students of people." That means we know exactly what you're looking for: The perfect fit. The photographer who will forever freeze that moment when your soon-to-be husband looks at you, captivated (or bawling...ahem...ADAM), as you walk down the aisle. The one who will not only capture every gorgeous detail you worked so hard to put together, but the one whose images express who you are as a couple. Let's talk. We'd love to find out if we are your perfect fit!

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