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The Jepsons are wedding photographers and private photo editors based in State College, Pennsylvania.

Meet the Jepsons

 Adam, Ava (artist, sass master, Disney princess aficionado), Meagan, and Eli (charmer, giggler, diaper filler). Not pictured: Hobbes, the adventurous brown dog.

Adam, Ava (artist, sass master, Disney princess aficionado), Meagan, and Eli (charmer, giggler, diaper filler). Not pictured: Hobbes, the adventurous brown dog.


"What would it look like if Adam left his job and joined Meagan in the business she started? And that's where we are our dream so you can live yours."

Once upon a time, in a galaxy far, far away...

"Sthar Wuuursss! Bah BAH bah bah bah BAH bah!"

Oh, right. Ava loves Star Wars--even though she has never actually seen the movies (a sure sign we are raising her right). But back to how we got started...

It was 2006, our freshman year at Penn State, and I met this bean pole goof with super thick fluffy hair and steel blue eyes at a campus church activity night.  I don't even remember where we were going or what the activity was, but we all felt like we were in kindergarten again, so the way we talked was basically like, "Wanna be my friend?" Be sure to note the very slight desperation in our voices. Or maybe just in mine. Adam seemed like he was totally in his element. (I remember this moment. In an effort to be friendly, I introduced Meagan to someone I met a couple days turned out to be her cousin.) This guy had a carefree way of laughing at his own jokes that made everyone else laugh with him.

I don't laugh at my own jokes! I have a rule: If you laugh at your own jokes, it probably isn't that funny.

Yea, he laughs at his own jokes. But he is actually funny, I promise. Over the next few years, Adam and I hung out a lot amongst our friends, but neither of us really thought about dating each other. I'm not exactly sure what changed, but when he asked me to get coffee with him at this tiny little bookstore cafe, we went from friends to, well, something. I may have turned him down the first time he asked to date me...

Yeah, she royally pooped on my heart, but I'm glad she finally realized the error of her ways...

We finally started dating almost a year later and never looked back. After graduation, we got married, went into full-time ministry together, and I put my art school education to use by starting a photography business on the side. It quickly grew to become my only source of income. A house, one big fuzzy dog and two babies later, we were swimming along and Adam's job went down to part time. So we asked ourselves, "What would it look like if Adam left his job and joined Meagan in the business she started?"

This. This is what it looks like. And it is good.

So that's where we are our dream so you can live yours, whether that's having your perfect wedding day or getting your life back by allowing us edit your photography, we are thrilled to work with you!

Who we are...

Adam is my hero. Not only is he a kind, patient husband and father, but also a warrior spider killer and run-away-Labrador chaser. I think the man could make me laugh at just about anything he says--I know he's trying to think of something witty when his blue eyes start twinkling and his dimple begins to show. He often asks me, "So what do you want for dinner?" rather than, "What's for dinner?" because he has got some mad cooking skills. He'll try to tell you it's only because he likes to eat that he likes to cook, but you'll find he enjoys sharing the experience with other people just as much. You can find him in the kitchen grating ginger, outside with his meat smoker (home brew in hand), or if you can't find him cooking, you should hit the trails. Hobbes (that big furry brown dog I've mentioned) might be jaunting out in front of him, tail bobbing happily as he looks back over his shoulder for his beloved master. Adam also really loves games. He gets giddy when UPS drops off a package containing yet another tabletop board game that I will inevitably learn to love, or when the Olympics are back on TV. You won't see him out much during the month of March (as in, does he even exist?!) and when he gets a chance to go to a PSU football game with his dad I can never say no. Adam talks about teaching our kids to stargaze and dreams of someday having an annual family Star Wars marathon. He loves well, laughs often, and has my heart.

Like Meagan said, we met while we were freshmen at Penn State. While it wasn't love at first sight, having the same group of friends allowed us to get to know one another and spend time together. One day, I had a realization: "Dang, Meagan is really pretty. And she treats everyone so nice...I've never heard anyone say anything bad about her. She's smart, funny, has her head on straight, and seems like she knows what she wants out of life. And she's pretty."

I eventually worked up the courage to ask her out. It took a couple of tries but she finally said yes and we both felt early on that this was going to be a forever thing. I still feel that way and can't imagine that ever changing.

I really admire Meagan's talents and abilities. I mean, she earned two degrees at Penn State in one less semester than it took me to get one. She's organized, driven, artistic, and so very compassionate. She's a great friend who will support you wholeheartedly and will always greet you with a warm smile.

A nurturer to the core, Meagan's heart is full when she cares for things. She loves her children passionately and takes great pride in her gardens, which are used to feed the family throughout the summer and early fall. When she's not laughing at my jokes - which is seriously almost all the time, it makes me feel good about myself - she's probably laughing at our kids who are an endless source of amusement to us. In her spare time, Meagan can be found curling up with a good book and a mug of hot tea (or, depending on her mood, a glass of wine), taking afternoon walks with her family, and baking delicious treats. Meagan also loves creating art, DIY projects, and cheese making. I love watching the joy and excitement pouring out of her when she's doing these things.

And she's really pretty.


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