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The Jepsons are wedding photographers and private photo editors based in State College, Pennsylvania.


You love bright, soft images with dreamy, muted landscapes and creamy skin tones.

Your colors tend toward pastel, and your green saturation slider is almost always in the negatives. Soft, white light is your forte.

What this says about YOU: You're a romantic. You love the ethereal, where the bride is wearing a floral crown and the flower girls remind you of woodland fairies. Florals (especially with a pastel color palette) make your heart go pitter-patter.


(How are we doing so far? If this doesn't sound like you, you can GO HERE to peruse other editing styles. Forgive us?)

Sometimes you might have trouble with consistency. You wonder if your images are really considered light and airy, or are they just blown out and overexposed? And what about those colors? Are the skin tones natural from image to image, even in tricky lighting situations?

No worries friend. We've got your back--we want to help you develop your style! Keep scrolling for resources we hand-picked just for you!

BUT FIRST we feel like we should introduce ourselves...

Resources for the Light and Airy Style Photographer

Other photographers who characterize their style as Light and Airy: Annamarie Akins, Caroline Logan.

Screen Shot 2018-07-02 at 1.06.07 PM.png


Do you love this style, but don't quite know how to achieve it? We get a LOT of inquiries on how to edit in certain styles, so today we're going to show you just ONE (free!) way to edit in the light and airy style. Keep in mind that each person edits differently, but this will give you a basic idea of how we would edit for a dreamy, bright look.

 Photo by Mallory Dawn


Bright and dreamy, our friends Annamarie Akins and Caroline Logan at The Light and Airy Photographer have got you covered. This light and airy look is their bread-and-butter when it comes to presets. Check out their collection!



Your style may very well fit under a couple of different style characterizations. Because, well, art is like that. Maybe you prefer a mix of light and airy and film. The two do go quite nicely together (ask our friends at Noble Presets)! Just remember, avoid the flip-flop and keep it consistent. To see all the other styles we describe, click the button below!