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The Jepsons are wedding photographers and private photo editors based in State College, Pennsylvania.


Timeless. That's what you want your work to be. You're not worried it will EVER go out of style, because it looks exactly the way you saw it through your very own eyes.

You aim for true-to-life colors, contrast, and exposure. Your images are sharp, clean, and vibrant, and natural light is your jam. Your skin tones are exactly where they should be--not green, not gray, and not orange either--well...unless a bridesmaid had an unfortunate experience with a spray tan--at least it's true-to-life!

What this says about YOU: You are confident in your art. Trends may or may not threaten to sway you, but you shake it off and stand firm. You appreciate reality, and the vibrance of life. You see the best in people and believe the world around you is beautiful just as it is. You seek to capture the joy life brings and you strive to bring happiness to those around you.


(How are we doing so far? If this doesn't sound like you, you can GO HERE to peruse other editing styles. Forgive us?)

Sometimes you might find that consistency is difficult. A camera can't always capture light and colors exactly as you see them, right? So what do you do to consistently edit for crisp and colorful when your colors are all out of whack?!

We got ya. Keep scrolling for some fantastic resources we created just for you!

BUT FIRST, we feel like we should introduce ourselves...

Resources for the Crisp and Colorful Style Photographer

Other photographers that characterize their style as Crisp and Colorful: Katelyn James, Jasmine Star

Screen Shot 2018-07-02 at 12.36.46 PM.png


Do you love this style, but don't quite know how to achieve it? We get a LOT of inquiries on how to edit in certain styles, so today we're going to show you just ONE (free!) way to edit in the crisp and colorful style and keep your weird-color situations consistent. Remember, each person edits differently, but this will give you a basic idea of how we would edit for true-to-life, crisp images!

 Photo by Katelyn James

Photo by Katelyn James


Though we use our own presets for this style of edit, we REALLY like the SMAL preset collection, WILD. Go check out Sven's work! If you do more portraiture, you might want to check out Greater Than Gatsby and Pretty Presets. We've heard good things.



Your style may very well fit under a couple of different style characterizations. Because, well, art is like that. Just remember, avoid the flip-flop and keep it consistent. To see all the other styles we describe, click the button below!