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White Chimneys Engagement Session | Lancaster, PA Wedding Photographers | Kutty + Chelsey

There she was. His future bride. Running the cash register at Ross in State College, PA.

Although, at the time, he had no idea. Kutty had applied for a job there and Chelsey had her eye on him from the moment he set foot in the store. So, she did her best to make her presence known. She introduced herself and in the days following she attempted to strike up conversations, eventually asking him questions, like where to stock items (even though she knew exactly where to put them). Nothing.

Finally, he took the hint and asked her out on a date. Phew! That night they sat in his car and talked (or he did, according to Chelsey) for hours. Kutty made her feel so comfortable with his easy conversation, and she knew he was special. They dated for a few years, and one day on a beautiful walk in the great outdoors, he felt the moment was right. It was. She said yes!


We are so glad she did! Their sweet engagement session at White Chimneys was one for the books (I mean, horses. Wow!). And now we are already excited for the wedding! You two are going to have an amazing day. Just don't forget to enjoy the remainder of your days as an engaged couple!


Meagan and Adam :)